Niels Motoharu Seki

Highland K9 Pet Dog Trainer Niels Motoharu Seki

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Born 1973, in Germany (Berlin)
to a Japanese father and a German mother.
Engaged in the export of Bernese Mountain Dogs and German Shepherds in Germany, followed by an occupation as volunteer worker for dog shelters in the US, India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. Experience with the rehabilitation of several hundred problem dogs.
Later, after working as an assistant trainer for narcotics detection, explosives detection, and search and rescue dogs at "Highland K9" police dog training school in North Carolina, USA, Niels returned home as a certified Pet Dog Trainer.

What a dog needs most is exercise, followed by rules, and finally time to pass in harmony with its owner.
Many problems such as pointless barking or pulling on the leash occur, because the mental balance of the dog is disturbed.
I have found my answers to this by watching dogs around the world.
And so it is my wish and Pooch communications' goal to assist as many dogs as possible in finding their balance.