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Pooch Communications is a most dog friendly hotel with a dog run to play under the 24hrs watch by professional dog trainers

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Pooch communications opened its doors in December 2008 in Funabashi, Chiba-ken.

At Pooch communications the dogs are trained with an optimal balance of "discipline", "exercise" and "praise" by professional dog trainers who have gained their skills in Germany and the US, where animal welfare is very advanced.

Our facilities include a spacious dog room laid out completely with cork flooring, a grooming room with aroma therapy equipment, and various fittings to make the stay for our customers' pooches pleasant.

On sunny days the dogs move freely about the dog run laid out in lawn and wood chips.

At Pooch communications we strive to offer your pooches an enjoyable time while we are working to renew the relationship between owners and dogs.



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Pooch communications

2-9-1 Surugadai

Funabashi-shi 273-0862



  • Radius:1.5km
  • Radius:3km

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