dog friendly hotels POOCH:pick-up service

We provide pick-up & drop-off service to Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama as well as Narita airport. We have customers in various locations and with our travel experience, we can suggest the best possible plan for you and your dog.

Please note our long distance pick-up service is available for the stay more than three days.

For details, please refer to our price list.

Area with Pick-up Service

Pooch Map of the Pick-up Service for Dogs

Funabashi City Limits (even if other areas are shown on the map on the left hand side, we may not be able to perform pick-up from there.)
Tokyo Metropolitan Area and Chiba-ken (including Narita Airport) only for customers using the hotel for more than 3 nights
* Pick-up may be delayed due to traffic conditions. We kindly ask that you make your appointment with enough time as reserve.

Pooch Pick-up Service for Dogs Service Time

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • Do you charge cancellation fees?
  • If you cancel before the pick-up van has left we do not charge a cancellation fee, but if the van is already on its way, all cancellations and changes will be subject to a fee.
  • During which hours do you offer the service?
  • From 08:00 am up to app. 08:30 pm.
    Service beyond these time limits is possible, but because prior arrangements have to be made please consult with us in advance. Furthermore, special overtime fees will be applied on such occasions.
  • Is it possible to change the appointed time?
  • We take much effort to comply with your preferences as much as possible, but sometimes other appointments may render keeping your preferred time impossible.
  • Do you take a surcharge for picking up more than one dog?
  • No. But we will have to take a surcharge for 5 dogs or more.
  • Is it OK if the dog is prone to car sickness?
  • If you are afraid that your dog might grow car sick, please tell the pick-up staff about it. Please do not feed your dog anything for three hours prior to entering the van.
  • Is there anything I should prepare?
  • Please have a dog necklace or harness ready. To prevent accidents during transfer, please put the dog in a crate. If needed, we will be prepared to provide a crate.