Price List

Dog Boarding

  24hours extended hrs.
per 30 minutes
long stay price
4 weeks
tiny dog up to 4kg 3,200 yen 200 yen 52,900 yen
small sized dog up to 8kg 3,800 yen 250 yen 63,700 yen
medium sized dog up to 15kg 4,100 yen 300 yen 105,800 yen
large sized dog up to 24kg 5,400 yen 350 yen 140,400 yen
large sized dog over 25kg 5,900 yen 400 yen  
  • This rate is fixed throughout the year (No extra charges for holiday season)
  • Reception time: 8:00-20:00 (Please ask for special request.)

Dog Daycare

  a book of 10 coupons (comes with 1extra)
small sized dog up to 8kg 30,200 yen
medium sized dog up to 15kg 34,600 yen
large sized dog over 16kg 43,200 yen

Dog Training/Dog Camp

small sized dog up to 8kg 52,900 yen
medium sized dog up to 15kg 56,700 yen
large sized dog over 16kg 70,200 yen
  • All dogs must be protected from fleas and ticks.
  • A 10% discount applies for adopted dogs. Please provide the certificate.
  • We do not charge cancellation fees. Please let us know if you need to change the schedule one day before at the latest.

Dog diet&fitness program

  small sized dog up to 8kg medium sized dog up to 15kg large sized dog over 16kg
2weeks camp 37,800 yen 43,200 yen 59,400 yen
3weeks camp 54,000 yen 59,400 yen 86,400 yen
4weeks camp 70,200 yen 75,600 yen 105,800 yen
  • Fees may vary depending on physical condition as well as set target values. Learn about the details in our counseling session.

Pick up&Drop off service

areas Return
Funabashi area within 30minutes car 1,600 yen
Surrounding area within 1hour by car 2,100 yen
Tokyo Metropolitan Area/within 23 wards
Narita Airport
(available for the stay more than 3days)
2,700 yen
(highway toll not included)
  • Traffic condition may cause delay in our pick up. Please make your appointment with one-hour margin of free time before and after pick-up.
  • During the drive, all dogs are crated to ensure their own safety. If your dog gets car sick, do not give food before the drive.


Glooming Price List Shampoo course Cut course
(Nail trim, Ear cleaning, Shampoo and Dry) (Nail trim, Ear cleaning, Shampoo, dry and hair cut)
Chihuahua 2700yen 3800yen
M・Dachshund 3200yen 4300yen
French bulldog,Pug,Boston Terrier,Jack Russell Terrier 3800yen -
Papillon,Pomeranian,Maltese,Shih tzu,Pekingese 3800yen 4900yen
Poodle 4300yen 6500yen
Beagle 4900yen -
M・Schnauzer 4900yen 6500yen
Shiba,Shetland Sheepdog,Corgi 5400yen -
Labrador retriever 8600yen -
Golden retriever 9700yen -