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Our philosophy

Pooch Communications is not just a place for your dog to sleep in while you are away.
Here, dogs are having great time playing in our garden with other dogs as well as our most dog friendly staffs.

OverviewAbout our dog hotel

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Not like traditional “Dog Kennels” where dogs are just put in while their owners are away, our dog hotel is a lot of fun for your dog. Its a place they play, learn, relax and so much more!

As dog lovers, we totally understand how it feels to leave your own dogs behind when you are going away. Of course, its the best to be with your dog all the time, but we sometimes need to leave them for work, vacation or other activities that do not allow dogs to be around. We worry about them if they are feeling alone or stressed. We also miss them badly.

But, here at Pooch Dog Hotel, you don’t have to worry or feel guilty of leaving your dog!

Your dogs are spending most enjoyable and relaxed time in our hotel.

Dogs are looked after 24 hours by our professional dog trainers with lots of affection and attention in a clean and cozy environment.

Our staff share the same space 24 hours, rooms are perfectly air-conditioned and kept clean. So, its like leaving your dog with a good friend. They are all treated like our kids. We pay careful attention to individual characters in order to provide the best care possible during their stay with us.

The benefit of boarding your dog with us is that they get plenty of playtime in the garden without leash under the close watch by our professional dog trainers. This gives dogs lots of excerise and after the play, all dogs are exhausted and get good sleep in each crate. Its like joining a scout camp. They play with other dogs, learn new things and even develop social skills!

Of course, some dogs prefer more relaxed or quiet environment. Then, we leave them separate from other playful dogs. They can play with us or relax and enjoy their own time.

We support individual needs and requests as much as possible.

Our hotel will be fun and exciting experience for your dog different from dailylife at home.

You are giving them a vacation! We are sure your four-legged friends enjoy their stay at Pooch Dog Hotel.

Our dog hotel provide pick-up & drop-off service to Tokyo as well as Narita airport. We have customers in various locations and with our travel experience, we can suggest the best possible plan for you and your dog.

Please note our long distance pick-up service is available for the hotel stay more than three days.

For details, please refer to our price list.

Dog hotel

Price List

Price list

A stay of 1 night encompasses the period of 24 hours after leaving the dog in our care. An extra charge is raised for every 30 minutes in excess of the 24-hour-period. If these prolongation charges exceed the charge for one night, you will only be charged for one extra night.

  24hours extended hrs.
per 30 minutes
long stay price
4 weeks
tiny dog up to 4kg 3,300 yen 200 yen 80,000 yen
small sized dog up to 8kg 3,800 yen 250 yen 90,000 yen
medium sized dog up to 15kg 4,800 yen 300 yen 115,000 yen
large sized dog up to 24kg 7,300 yen 500 yen 186,000 yen
large sized dog over 25kg 7,900 yen 600 yen  
Dog hotel


Please read


Please read before using our service.

  • First Time Customers

    If you would like to make use of the services of the Pet Hotel you will have to provide the following documents:
  • Terms of Use

    • Please bring the papers of current vaccination including rabies.
    • Please treat your dog against fleas and mites for the whole period of their stay.
  • To the guests staying 4 weeks or more.

    • Payment is upon checking in. Please pay by cash.
    • Please show your personal ID or business card of the company you work.
  • About the Meals

    A change of food can cause a deterioration of the physical condition. We ask the owners to bring in the meals fed customarily, that the pooches have grown accustomed to. We do not prepare meals at our facility. Thank you for understanding.
  • Please make a reservation before your visit.

    When you have no reservation, we might not be able to attend you for other appointments.
    • A reservation one day ahead of using the service is required.
    • We are open every day of the year! (No extra charge for New Year's holidays or O-Bon)
Dog hotel

One day at the Pet Hotel

Time table

Customers voice

A day at Pooch

  • Breakfast

    6:00 Get up & Breakfast

    Get up & Breakfast
  • Play time

    8:00 Play time

    Play time in a spacious dog run
    Fun time to play with other dogs and our staff
  • Siesta

    10:00 Siesta

    Nap time
  • Play time

    12:00 Play time

    Play time in a spacious dog run
    Fun time to play with other dogs and our staff
  • Siesta

    14:00 Siesta

    Nap time
  • Free time

    16:00 Free time

    Free time
    Relax and learn
  • Dinner

    18:00 Dinner

    Dinner time
  • Going to bed

    20:00 Going to bed

    End of the day with full of activities
Dog hotel


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers voice
  • Do you have regular holidays?

    No. In case we have to stay closed because of in-house-training or maintenance work on the facilities we will make an announcement on our homepage.
  • During which hours can I bring in my dog?

    Our reception hours are from 08:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
    We are closed from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
  • Do you also have a pick-up and return service?

    Yes. We pick up and return dogs in the area within a one-hour-drive from our business location (Higashi Funabashi Station). (Subject to charge)
    We also offer this service for Narita Airport and the Metropolitan Area. For details please consult the Pick-Up Page.
  • Do you have a parking lot?

    Yes, we have several spaces for parking.
  • Do I have to bring something?

    Please bring personal identification papers and the meals for your pooch, divided into single servings.
  • When do I pay?

    Payment is due when the pooch is returned to the owner. Unfortunately, we can only handle payment in cash. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Is it necessary to have the dog sterilized or castrated?

    This is not required. However, we cannot accept pooches while they are in heat. Thank you for understanding.
  • Where do the dogs sleep?

    To maintain safety, they are housed in an enclosure or a dog house. There is always 24-hour-staff in the vicinity.
  • Is it possible to cancel an appointment?

    Yes. In case you have to cancel an appointment, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • My dog has the habit of biting. Is that OK?

    Depending on the dog's constitution and the degree of aggression we may refuse to take it in. Furthermore, if necessary, please supply a muzzle.
  • My pooch hates other dogs and dislikes people...

    Corresponding to the character of your pooch we will take measures like moving it to a quiet room, or letting it play with and be played with those other pooches it likes, to avoid any unnecessary stress for your pooch.
  • My pooch currently takes medications.

    Please bring in the medication prepared with the correct dosage, and write down the medication schedule and administration method.
  • Are dogs in the habit of marking OK for you, too?

    Please bring in a Manner Belt or diapers for dogs with a marking habit.

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