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Losing Weight
- Dieting in tune with the individual state of health and physical strength, supported by a professional -

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Lately, we have noticed an increasing number of obese dogs, also referred to as "metabo inu". This is no wonder; the share of overweight or obese dogs has reached 40%! That means half of the dog population is overweight!

Just like it is with humans, a whole score of diseases is caused by obesity with dogs, because the bones, joints, the heart and respiratory organs are taking damage in proportion to body weight. In many cases this is accompanied by serious lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure or liver disease.

Excessive weight causes a lot of harm for no good reason at all!!!
Let's fight it with a diet!

Now, how did the overweight develop in the first place? The number one cause is an over-abundance of meals and snacks and insufficient exercise. And if the pooch is not able to control its eating habits by itself, it will also be unable to keep a diet.
Because this is so, the owner has to take responsibility and restore it to a healthy body.

A dog grown sick as a result of obesity is not only pitiable; if the body loses its balance, the mind will grow unstable, too, and life expectancy will sink.
And you as the owner will have to bear medical expenses and the burden of nursing.

At Pooch Dog Diet & Fitness we, together with the owner, will review the prior lifestyle of the pooch, analyze its current and ideal weight and develop a program covering both nourishment and exercise custom tailored for each dog. We establish target values, and work to give your dog a reasonably healthy body by adopting a variety of exercises and games.

Diagnosis of overweight dogs & developing a diet program

At Pooch Dog Diet & Fitness we draw up a custom tailored program for pet dogs, accompanied by in depth talks with the owner, and under supervision by a veterinarian.

Process of drawing up a diet program

  • Pooch Dog Diet Counseling
    1.Counseling free of charge
    We start with an in depth talk with the owner.
  • Pooch Dog Diet Lifestyle Check
    2.Lifestyle Check
    During counseling with the owner we evaluate the pooches' lifestyle.
  • Pooch Dog Diet Body Weight Check
    3.Check of State of Health and Body Weight
    The cooperating veterinarian supervises measurement of body weight and status of health.
  • Pooch Dog Diet Calculation of Ideal Weight
    4.Calculation of Ideal Weight
    Based on ideal weight we calculate the recommended amount of daily calorie-intake.
  • Pooch Dog Diet Developing the Program
    5.Developing the Program
    We develop the diet program fitting the dog's character and constitution.

Our approach includes both nourishment and exercise.

Burn It with Exercise!

We burn the fat with aerobic exercises that do not overtax the dog.

  • Walking
  • Ball games
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Competing and playing with other pooches
  • Weighted exercises (walking carrying a rucksack on the back)
  • Hill climbing (climbing and descending hill roads)

Block neutral fat while eating

Our approach is to recommend a combination of lifestyle and exercises, where absorbed calories are burned efficiently and the intake of food and fluids does not lead to an accumulation of neutral fat in the body.

Pooch Dog Diet Block neutral fat while eating

1 Day Schedule of the Dog Diet & Fitness Course

Individual exercises are chosen to have optimal impact for the respective breed of the dog.
Pooches with a dislike for other dogs are taken for a walk instead of playing in the dog run.

In the case of a Dachshund this might mean:

Midday exercise:
Up and down exercises on a mild slope, due to the delicate back of the dog.

Evening exercise:
Walking with an easy speed on the running machine.

In the case of a Labrador this might mean:

Midday exercise:
Because Labradors love balls, we do ball games in the ground with a rucksack attached to the dog's back.

Evening exercise:
Dynamic running alongside a bicycle.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • Why is the service so inexpensive?
  • Dogs are not a means of money-making.
    We at Pooch think that the well-being of a dog is linked closely to an improvement of its discipline and problem behavior. We have set the price as low as possible in order to be able to bring a healthy life to as many pooches as possible.
  • Is it possible to attend Dog Diet and Fitness as a guest?
  • That is possible. During a visit, points such as training frequency etc. that are depending on the training particulars of the pooch will be decided on. Please enquire about details at the time of counseling.
  • Do you also have a pick-up and return service?
  • Yes! We pick up and return dogs in an area of a one-hour-drive from our business (Shibayama, Hasama Station). (Subject to charge)
    We offer this service for Narita Airport and the Metropolitan Area, too. For details please consult the Pick-Up Page.
  • Do you have a parking lot?
  • Sorry, but we only have one parking slot.
  • Do I have to bring something?
  • Please bring identification papers and your pooches' food for one month.
  • When do I pay?
  • Payment is due when the pooch is returned to the owner.
    Unfortunately, we can only handle payment in cash. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Is it necessary to have the dog sterilized or castrated?
  • This is not required. However, we cannot accept pooches while they are in heat.
    Thank you for understanding.
  • Where do the dogs sleep?
  • To maintain safety, they are housed in an enclosure or a dog house.
    There is always 24-hour-staff in the vicinity.
  • Is it possible to cancel an appointment?
  • Yes. In case you have to cancel an appointment, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • My pooch currently takes medications.
  • Please bring in the medication prepared with the correct dosage, and write down the medication schedule and administration method.