Dog Training

We deal with puppy training, essential manner coaching as well as different behavior problems. Based on the concept of Pooch's owner and the main dog trainer, Niels SEKI, we focus on exercise, discipline and socialization.

Dogs are social animals. They need to learn how to behave in their pack at an early stage of life. That is why, puppy training early on helps your dog grow into a well-mannered partner.

At Pooch Communications, there are so many different dogs come and go every day in our dog hotel, dog daycare, dog camp and dog glooming salon! It means plenty of opportunities to meet different dogs, play with other dogs and learn important socialization techniques that last a lifetime.

While puppy training easier build well-balanced character and behavior, it is not too late to start training at a later stage of life. We have engaged in training of many adult dogs that were not properly socialized as a puppy but learned how to get along after 3 weeks training camp with us.

As for various behavior problems, many of them often caused by owner and dog relationship or stresses due to insufficient exercise or inappropriate living environment. We, together with dog owners, look into the current situation and figure out how to solve the problem.

All the participants have a free counseling session before joining our dog training camp. Our training program usually complete in 3 weeks. During this period, all dogs stay at Pooch following disciplined day schedule and encounter many other dogs and people. Through this completely different experience as well as strict but loving guidance of our dog trainers, many dogs achieve a healthy balance as a social animal.

Whatever the problem you have, whatever the age of your dog, please do not hesitate to consult with us. We use all our experience and expertise to tackle your problem together!

These dog problems can be solved!

  • Discipline is what we call the conduct that has to be taught to a pooch, which allows dogs and humans to live together harmoniously in human society.
    By mastering the fundamental actions such as "sit", "lie down", "stay" and "come", the dog will form a more secure and enjoyable bond with its owner.

    Dogs, just like humans, have different personalities and characters, and they can be in a good or in a bad mood.
    There are dogs that just need time to develop discipline, and there are days when nothing will go right.
    Because that is so, it is especially important to select the training methods appropriate for each individual pooch.
    And you have to keep in mind that training is not "finished" if it works once; training continues over the whole lifetime.

  • The term aggressive behavior is used for pooches that have a habit of growling, biting and barking aggressively.

    Aggressive behavior can roughly be divided into two kinds:
    One is the pattern where aggression is the result of fright. The other pattern sees the dog being aggressive because it feels superior.
    Which pattern is at the root of the individual problem does not depend on the size of the pooch, and it always is a problem to be taken seriously.

    Punishing the dog by hitting will only cause a steady increase of the problem. Due to the ever-present the danger of injury not only to the owner but to bystanders, it is absolutely necessary to correct the habit.

  • Barking is an absolutely natural thing for a dog to do.
    Transposed into the world of humans it is the equivalent of chatting. But if a dog is barking excessively without anybody else being present, we can assume that we are facing a problem.

    Barking may be caused by protective caution or be aimed at claiming a territory, or it can be aggressive barking, or even be the barking characteristic for a certain breed of dog.
    Therefore it is necessary to determine the trigger (occasion) of the barking first, and to take corrective action and make changes to the dog's environment later.

  • A walk with your dog pulling you back and forth is not enjoyable at all.

    It is evidence of the pooch walking in front of its owner misunderstanding itself as the leader.

    To enable dog and owner to pass an enjoyable time together, it is necessary to try and break the habit of pulling on the leash.

First time customers

If you are planning to use our services for the first time, please make an appointment for free counseling.
If you would like to make use of our facilities, we will need the following documents:

Object of Service

All pooches from puppies to old dogs that are treated against fleas and mites.

What happens during the supervised stay?

During the supervised stay your pooch will not be locked into a crate but will play with other dogs in the dog room or dog garden, will hold a midday nap and will pass time with games etc.

Depending on the season it will also be able to play in our pool.

You can be at ease that those dogs that don't like other dogs will be watched closely by the trainer and are not forced to play unnecessarily.

About the Meals

A change of food can cause a deterioration of the physical condition. We ask the owners to bring in the meals fed customarily, that the pooches have grown accustomed to. We do not prepare meals at our facility. Thank you for understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • Why is the service so inexpensive?
  • Dogs are not a means of money-making.
    We at Pooch think that the well-being of a dog is linked closely to an improvement of its discipline and problem behavior. We have set the price as low as possible in order to be able to bring a healthy life to as many pooches as possible.
  • Do you give a refund, if the symptoms do not improve or if the dog has not picked up the basic actions?
  • In case we do not reach an agreement with the owner we will offer to extend the period of stay free of charge.
  • Is it possible to attend the Dog Training Camp as a guest?
  • That is possible. During a visit, points such as training frequency etc. that are depending on the training items of the pooch will be decided on. Please enquire about details at the time of counseling.
  • Do you also have a pick-up and return service?
  • Yes! We pick up and return dogs in an area of a one-hour-drive from our business (Shibayama, Hasama Station). (Subject to charge)
    We offer this service for Narita Airport and the Metropolitan Area, too. For details please consult the Pick-Up Page.
  • Do you have a parking lot?
  • Sorry, but we only have one parking slot.
  • Do I have to bring something?
  • Please bring identification papers and your pooches' food for one month.
  • When do I pay?
  • Payment is due when the pooch is returned to the owner.
    Unfortunately, we can only handle payment in cash. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Is it necessary to have the dog sterilized or castrated?
  • This is not required. However, we cannot accept pooches while they are in heat.
    Thank you for understanding.
  • Where do the dogs sleep?
  • To maintain safety, they are housed in an enclosure or a dog house.
    There is always 24-hour-staff in the vicinity.
  • Is it possible to cancel an appointment?
  • Yes. In case you have to cancel an appointment, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • My pooch currently takes medications.
  • Please bring in the medication prepared with the correct dosage, and write down the medication schedule and administration method.