You will not find a single overweight animal in the realm of nature.
In a world of the survival of the fittest, animals that grow overweight will be eaten at once by their natural enemies.
If a dog grows overweight there is nobody else to be held responsible but the owner.
The body losing its balance does not only cause various diseases but also leads to an unbalanced mental state.
You feed too much unintentionally, or you allow for a lack of exercise...
Things like these increase the happiness of your pet dog? Think again!

Losing weight was at no time a simple task.
And it grows even more difficult if you look at the world through the hungry eyes of a dog.
But in the interest of your pet dog you will have to harden your resolve this once and stand firm together with your dog.

Important points for dieting...

Do not give out between meal snacks, even if the dog is pestering you.
Pooch Dog Dieting

A dog’s appetite for food is never satisfied.
If you treat it to a between meal snack once, it will come to expect it the next time.
And if you give in to this expectation, it will just continue to expect more treats...
If you decide to give out in between meal snacks, make sure to give them at fixed times and choose small snacks with low fat content.

Do not show your affection with snacks; show it by making physical contact.

Instead of showing your affection to your pet dog with snacks, you should offer it some physical contact (such as petting it or talking).

Separate food into several small servings

Instead of offering food in one big meal, you should offer it in two or more smaller servings.
And you should avoid extraordinarily cheap dog food. Pet food that is too cheap usually contains a lot of sugar and compounds that will cause obesity.

Make exercising enjoyable
Pooch Dog Dieting

Try to take your dog for a run frequently.
There are data suggesting that 10 minutes of playing with other dogs is equivalent to a 2 hour walk.
Try to insert periods of jogging into your normal walks.

Choose a slow build-up

It is not healthy to increase the amount of movement too rapidly.
Try to take a few weeks and accustom the body to movement little by little.
Especially with excessively fat or old dogs you will have to pay close attention to the state of the dog and take your time when you start the training.