The Owner's Attitude

Our philosophy

The owner also learns the attitude to bring the dog to the family

First of allImportant for your dog

  • Physical contact
    01Physical contact
  • Rules
  • Exercise

You should pay close attention to the points above. They are extremely important for your dog, growing in importance going upward.

These three things are something which every dog owner has to offer to his pooch without fail. What is important is their relative proportion.



The most important things


However large the house a dog is living in may be, and however wide the attached garden is, has no relevance to a dog.

To get out of the house and to be moving about is of higher importance than having a spacious garden.

Because leaving the house means gathering experiences.

And it also means the release of stress that may have accumulated within the body.

If exposed to a multitude of stimuli the dog will make use of its body and mind, and you will raise a healthy and clever dog.

Would you yourself, even if you lived in a magnificent estate with no discomfort whatsoever, feel happy if you could never step outside?

It's exactly the same for a dog.

Something which dogs love more than anything else is movement.



The next important things


Human society has rules. And why is that?

They are there to prevent chaos. If there were no rules everybody would abide by his own values and conflict would be unavoidable. But the existence of rules definitely makes judging simple, doesn't it?

Rules exist to reduce chaos and insecurity brought about by activities.

This applies to dogs living in a group as much as it does to humans.

Without rules a dog finds no peace of mind, and if its position within the pack is unclear, too, chaos ensues. This sort of confusion gives rise to problem behavior.

You should try to understand that rules are not something to restrict your dog, but to help it in settling down.


Physical contact

The last important things

Physical contact

Stroking your dog is very important, too.

This is something that probably goes without saying for every dog owner.

However, the timing of stroking is important.

It is not good to stroke your dog when it is excited or frightened, because the dog will think it is OK to grow excited, or it will develop the misconception that somebody will pay attention to it when it grows frightened.

It is important that you don't just stroke your dog when you feel like it, but that you stroke it with a timing that is good for your dog.

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