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Pooch Philosophy

In the recent years the number of people living with pets has been rising constantly.
Nonetheless, the surrounding environment in Japan has still some way to go to become adequate.
At Pooch communications we make it our motto to keep close track of what we take as humans and pets their ideal state, and to help humans and pets to build a balanced relationship by communicating with each other.

Company M Co. Ltd
Shop Pooch communications
Location 274-0816
Chiba-ken Funabashi-shi Shibayama 1-34-7
Tel 047-464-3324
Established 01.10.2008
Representative Motoharu Niels Seki
Registrations as Animal Handling Business Custody Registration number 08-2-12
Training Registration number 08-4-2 Registrations as Animal Handling Business
Qualifications Highland K9 Pet Dog Trainer, USA Highland K9 Pet Dog Trainer Certificate, USA